Send a Form to a User via Ticket or Live Chat

SmarterTrack Forms are a customizable and consistent way of collecting information from users that would otherwise be manually requested. Administrators can use a number of different data types - including headers and labels, multiple selection lists, long response textboxes, yes/no checkboxes and more - to create a customized form for gathering whatever information they need. Once a form has been created, agents can send the form from a ticket or live chat, and users will have a secure way to send back the requested information.
(Refer to the article, Create a Form for Collecting Data from Users, to teach learn how to create a custom form.)
Sending a Form via Live Chat in SmarterTrack Enterprise 
When sending a form as part of a live chat, simply click the Actions (...) button and select "Send Form" from the dropdown. Choose the form from the list and click Send. This will paste the Chat Introduction text, with the Form Link Text included, as a reply to the chat. The user simply clicks that link to open the form in a new window. 
Note that forms sent via live chat can only be completed by the user while the live chat is active. Once the live chat has ended, the form link will expire. 
Sending a Form as a Ticket Reply in SmarterTrack Enterprise 
When sending a form as a reply to a ticket, you have the ability to modify the Email Introduction text, if necessary. Unlike the Chat Introduction, having the ability to edit the Email Introduction is a benefit for agents when replying to tickets. This is because they may want to modify, or personalize the Email Introduction based on any ongoing or previous conversations they've been having with the end user. Crafting Email Introduction text that is viable across many different circumstances is difficult, at best, for a system administrator. Therefore, giving agents the ability to customize the text ensures that the rapport the agent has with the end user is preserved.
Just as with live chats, when replying to a ticket, click the Actions (...) button and select Send Form from the dropdown. Choose the form from the list and click Send. The Email Introduction text, complete with Form Link Text, will be pasted into the ticket body. You can send the reply as is or edit the text as necessary, just ensure that you preserve the Form Link Text in the ticket body as this is the only way for users to access the form. Sending the form as a ticket reply will allow you to add additional recipients and set the appropriate status for the ticket.
To quickly send a form without modifying the recipients or introduction text, click on the Action (...) button while previewing a ticket. Choose the form from the list and click Send. The form’s Email Introduction text will be delivered to the from address of the last incoming message on the ticket. (Please note that if there were CCs on that incoming message, the Form will not be sent to them.)
(Note: The form introduction email is sent using the department’s SMTP account.) 
Regarding Ticket Statuses
When a form is sent while previewing a ticket, the ticket status will remain unchanged. When a form is sent while replying to a ticket, you will set the new status for that ticket. When a form has been completed by the user, the ticket the form is associated with will be made Active. (When a ticket is Closed and Locked, previously sent form links will expire, so these tickets will remain unchanged.) In addition, a comment is added to the ticket denoting the date and time the form was completed, and the Forms tab will display a number on it, noting that there is a new completed form associated with the ticket. You can then go to that tab and click the Form link to view the form.