MailMax to SmarterMail Converter

This conversion utility will convert MailMax to SmarterMail. It has been tested with MailMax version 4.8. Previous versions have not been tested but should still function.

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Source Code

Version 1.0 (03-27-2013)

The follow are converted:
  • Domains
    • IP to listen on
    • All users except postmaster and root
    • Aliases
    • Size limit
  • Users
    • Passwords
    • Email
    • IMAP flags and internal date
    • Aliases
    • First forward address
    • Auto-responders
    • Size limit
The follow are not converted:
  • Site bans
  • User blocks
  • SMTP bans
  • Spam traps
  • User information other than username, password, first name and last name
  • Groups
  • Any global or domain level settings that are not specified in the list above
  • Postmaster and root mailboxes
  • Administrator/postmaster username and password (default will be admin/admin)
Source code is released under the GNU Lesser Public License.