Insert Canned Replies into Ticket Responses

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterTrack. View articles for SmarterTrack 12.x and earlier.

There are times when having the ability to reply to customers quickly and consistently comes in handy. For example, an issue occurs that impacts a large number of customers. In a case like this, it's important to have a consistent message that explains what's going on while staying in line with the overall message of the company. Then there are instances where your Agents receive the same, or very similar, questions about a product or service over and over again. Or perhaps you have a product that requires a certain set of step-by-step instructions to resolve a particular issue that customers experience. In each of these cases a canned reply can be created and then used by all Agents so that your customers receive quick, and consistent, help with their particular issues. Canned replies take the burden off the Agent, who doesn't have to remember how to reply to a customer or a large set of instructions that need to be passed along. 

For information on creating canned replies, see the knowledge base article: Creating Canned Replies.

Follow these steps to insert an existing canned reply into a ticket:

  1. When in a ticket reply, click the Actions (...) menu.
  2. From the dropdown menu, click Insert Canned Reply. This will load the Canned Replies modal window which lists the available canned replies you can use.
  3. Click on the Title of the canned reply you want and its contents will load. To insert it into a ticket, simply click the Insert button. (Alternatively, you can double-click the desired canned reply and it will be pasted into your reply automatically.)
  4. If need be, you also have the ability to edit the canned reply prior to inserting it into your live chat. 
  5. Hit Enter to send the canned reply to the user.


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