ios: top filter doesn't seem to work ,
Problem reported by Jeremy Wesley - 2/13/2022 at 11:12 AM
I am an admin, I have some tickets assigned to me but I look at global tickets more than just mine. I personally do not like tickets assigned to me, because no one else can see them. I tend to leave tickets in the queue,  unassigned so they are more visible. Thats just how I use it, thats not a request to change anything.

If I go to the top, then select All Active, it still only see mine. The My Active and the All Active show the same tickets when All Active should show a lot more.

I tried doing Custom: All Dept, All Group All Agents, Status : Active... still only go My Active.

using the web app, I can see all the tickets.

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Hey Jeremy,
    I was able to reproduce this issue and made a task for it, thanks for bringing this to our attention!
Jeremy Wesley Replied
Any update on this? 
Thanks for your help 
Jeffrey Werner Replied
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As of mobile beta Build 53, this issue has been fixed. Please ensure both SmarterTrack and SmarterTrack mobile versions are up to date. The current SmarterTrack version is 8125. If this issue persists please let us know so we can look further into it.
Jeffrey Werner
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.

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