New SmarterTrack Release Available -- Build 7157
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - August 7 at 1:42 PM
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Build 7157 (August 7, 2019)

  • Added: Agent assignment to the external provider.
  • Added: API endpoint "CreateTicketFromCustomer" that accepts a group ID for ticket creation.
  • Changed: Max file size for attachments was increased to 100 MB.
  • Fixed: "Add Internal Attachment" and "Attach Files" only show custom even if all files are allowed.
  • Fixed: A ticket's Communication tab isn't showing messages even when there are messages for the ticket.
  • Fixed: Custom fields using "Use current date or time as default" don't load the correct default on new tickets.
  • Fixed: Custom templates do not update the field name if the template does not already contain the autofill displayname and autofill email.
  • Fixed: Editing custom fields in the Custom Fields tab increases the ticket count in the navigation tree.
  • Fixed: Live Chat Settings displays departments in random order.
  • Fixed: Printing KB articles from the Portal uses the incorrect font.
  • Fixed: Replies are not getting added to the spool after they're saved to the database, under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: SmarterTrack Connection is not showing the friendly name on transfers.
  • Fixed: Ticket setting "Show agents on transfer" is not working properly.
  • Fixed: When SmarterTrack is installed in a sub-directory, which is not recommended, it causes the Add(+) button in the top bar to not work.
  • Fixed: When transferring across SmarterTrack instances it shows the Groups for both instances rather than just the Groups for the instance being transferred to.
  • Fixed: When transferring across SmarterTrack instances, the Brand drop down is not showing if the local install does not have multiple brands but the remote install does.
  • Fixed: When using the Login external provider, the login button on the portal does not redirect to the Custom Login URL.
  • Fixed: When you delete a Department and use "Assign Call Logs", the Agent list is not in alphabetical order.
  • Removed: Default Image, Media, and Flash extensions that where used alongside of what users set as the allowed.
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