New SmarterTrack Release Available - Build 7026
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - March 28 at 2:24 PM
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Build 7026 (Mar 28, 2019)

  • Added: Ability to include pictures & attachments in portal conversations.
  • Added: New Ticket Aging dashboard.
  • Added: When saving a call log with matching start and end dates, trigger a save confirmation as the log as no duration.
  • Changed: Allow embedded videos from
  • Changed: Browser notifications now use the same icons as the area they are originating from.
  • Changed: Display the warning about exceeding the agent limit for a license or hosted plan when clicking the new button instead of the save button.
  • Changed: Log files will max out at about 100MB. Once a log file exceeds that limit, a new log file is started.
  • Changed: Make the ticket subject the main header item on the portal.
  • Changed: Sort event agent dropdowns alphabetically.
  • Changed: When composing a ticket reply, conversation history is appended on message send to avoid browsers from combining code that can cause message formatting issues.
  • Changed: When relating tickets, comments will stay with their respective ticket versus all being added to the primary ticket.
  • Changed: When the Insert Canned Reply modal is opened, the search bar is now automatically focused.
  • Fixed: Back to Community Threads link always goes to page 1.
  • Fixed: Backslashes are removed from canned replies when they are inserted if the canned reply also includes a single quote character (').
  • Fixed: Brand default font not being applied to previews on the portal News page.
  • Fixed: Bulk delete actions always record the acting user as Internal Agent.
  • Fixed: Can't clear the Review flag on a KB article.
  • Fixed: Deleting a brand which only has deleted departments causes an error.
  • Fixed: Error purging news items that have a linked translation.
  • Fixed: Error when trying to insert a canned reply from the list view.
  • Fixed: In Call Logs, the content pane lists the log's Start Date, while the header lists the created date.
  • Fixed: In community conversations, can't switch conversations if the current one has an embedded video.
  • Fixed: Inline images not getting properly stored in outbound ticket messages.
  • Fixed: KB Headers showing "Last Modified by: System" even if an agent modifies an article.
  • Fixed: Multi-branded installs can show chats assigned to a different agent when viewing My Live Chats > Completed.
  • Fixed: Related Community Threads aren't being properly HTML encoded.
  • Fixed: Related KB Articles aren't being properly HTML encoded.
  • Fixed: Searching canned replies and deleting one of the results refreshes the the entire list rather than just the search results.
  • Fixed: Table styling applied in froala is not preserved.
  • Fixed: The brand drop downs are missing for admins that aren't actually group members in multiple departments.
  • Fixed: Tickets started from a community thread don't properly encode the subject line.
  • Fixed: Unspecified error when trying to send a conversation message containing only an image or video.
  • Fixed: Updated Chrome style sheet is changing the font on multi-line plain text fields.
  • Fixed: When it is empty, the HTML editor can be difficult to focus on using the mouse.

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
SmarterTools Inc.