New SmarterMail Release Available - Build 6995
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - February 25 at 5:09 PM
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Build 6995 (Feb 25, 2019) Release Notes:

  • Added: Country code is now displayed in the detailed SMTP logs after a connection is made.
  • Changed: Importing and exporting contacts as VCF or calendars as ICS uses UTF-8 encoding instead of user's selected encoding.
  • Changed: SpamRats RBL default score reduced from 10 to 5.
  • Changed: Spool count no longer includes the Waiting to Deliver count.
  • Changed: The default configuration (for new installations) of the UCEProtect RBLs has been modified. Level 1 now has a spam weight of 15, while Level 3 has a spam weight of 5.
  • Changed: The default configuration (for new installations) of the SpamCop RBL has been modified to enable the Required Lookup Value.
  • Fixed: Certain default settings are inconsistent for new installs compared to converted systems.
  • Fixed: Creating meeting requests on EWS clients will show up as if the organizer is an attendee.
  • Fixed: Deleting an email in webmail does not always sync to an EWS client.
  • Fixed: Editing an email draft still shows any previously removed recipients.
  • Fixed: Emails from "System Administrator" show the 'mismatched email address' warning in some cases.
  • Fixed: EWS subscription events are not being removed when they expire.
  • Fixed: If mapping a shared folder fails, the API erroneously returns a 200 Success code.
  • Fixed: Importing appointments from ICS format does not properly encode accented characters.
  • Fixed: Importing contacts from VCard (VCF) format does not properly encode accented characters.
  • Fixed: Improper field validation could prevent saving modified incoming gateway settings.
  • Fixed: Issue with conversion failure detection code reporting false positives in turn causing XML files to not be cleaned up.
  • Fixed: Issue with expired greylist entries not being replaced with new, unexpired entries.
  • Fixed: Issue with share access when deleting a user that has information mapped by other users.
  • Fixed: Resetting antispam settings also resets the SMTP outbound IPv4 setting in Protocols settings.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which additional EAS users could not be added even though license limit should permit it.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which multiple failover server nodes could be selected in grid when selecting only item.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which system admin could not delete a domain nor the domain folder content.
  • Fixed: SMTP logs would say the rDNS check failed even though it did not.
  • Fixed: The last sync time for EWS connected devices are not showing the correct time.
  • Fixed: Unable to propagate domain throttle action settings to domain users.
  • Fixed: Web service user verification does not work for domain forward incoming gateways.
  • Removed: Spamhaus-XBL RBL check is no longer included in the default antispam configuration. (The CBL check already encompasses this check, and having both will be making 'double' queries to basically the same data source.)
  • Removed: Unused MailService\Translations folder and en.xml file. (Affects new installs only.)
  • Security: Fixed a number of identified cross-site scripting issues as reported by Soroush Dalili with NCC Group.
  • Translations: Updated Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) translation files.

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
SmarterTools Inc.