New SmarterTrack Release Available - Build 6948
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - January 9 at 5:21 PM
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Build 6948 (Jan 9, 2019)

  • Changed - Show error message if user tries to add an attachment with a name longer than 90 characters instead of automatically truncating the file name.
  • Changed - Google Roboto font is now embedded in the project and no longer requires external internet connection to request the font.
  • Fixed - Attempting to embed the interface in an iFrame at a specific domain ( does not work, but a subdomain ( does.
  • Fixed - Deleting a custom field from the grid completely clears the grid.
  • Fixed - Editing or adding a User or Employee does not save.
  • Fixed - Error when trying to find duplicate attachments for News Items.
  • Fixed - Foreign Key issue when upgrading a MySql DataBase.
  • Fixed - Tasks not associated with a related item can be saved without an assigned agent.
  • Fixed - Text changes are not preserved after clicking save when the editor is in "code view" mode.
  • Fixed - The KB Articles Modified report indicates that all KB articles are getting modified multiple times per day by Internal System.
  • Fixed - Ticket purge can hang on deleting attachments within broken Zip files.
  • Fixed - Tickets created using the API are processed incorrectly for round robin assignment.
  • Fixed - When a ticket survey dropdown or Yes/No question is not answered, the summary shows that the question was answered with "- Choose One -".
  • Fixed - When integrating a button style chat link into an external website, using a predefined image causes the button to scale to fit the window.
  • Removed - "Dropdown with text" custom field type.
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