New SmarterTrack Release Available - Build 6922
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - December 14, 2018 at 4:13 PM
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Build 6922 (Dec 14, 2018)

  • Added: A "- Choose One -" type option to custom fields in the embedded chat.
  • Fixed: A user's avatar may be removed when their user settings are updated.
  • Fixed: Cannot open a chat listed as a related item on a call log.
  • Fixed: Chat popup windows are not consistently sized.
  • Fixed: Custom drop down fields are not properly selecting the default values in the client side chat interface.
  • Fixed: Database upgrade fails if there are orphaned AutoResponder records.
  • Fixed: In the management interface, KB Feedback is displayed as raw text instead of HTML, resulting in HTML tags being visible.
  • Fixed: Merge and View buttons not showing up in the User Details page.
  • Fixed: No error message for the user when an Admin tries to take a ticket in a group that they do not belong to.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, an admin modifying their own roles does not save properly.
  • Fixed: Styling in conversations in the Portal.
  • Fixed: The activate license modal has an unneeded scroll bar.
  • Fixed: The group drop down on the Ticket Transfer modal isn't sorted properly.
  • Fixed: The Role Required list when creating a community category is not sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed: Ticket Messages with a <base> element break sending replies.
  • Fixed: When creating a call log, not selecting a group does not display the correct error message.
  • Fixed: When editing AutoResponders, changes to the associated departments are not properly displayed.
  • Fixed: When LastPass autofills logins, submitting a KB feedback or thread post can trigger Chrome to ask if you want it to remember your password.
  • Fixed: When switching conversations in the portal, text entered in the new message field for one message is carried over to the next.
  • Fixed: When Track is installed on a subpath ( images in KB and News items don't work.
  • Removed: "Email comments of community posts in which I participate" user setting.

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
SmarterTools Inc.