[SM17 UI] Idea - Merge the "New" buttons
Idea shared by kevind - November 29 at 8:11 AM
In SM16+17 there's a '+' sign inside a circle in the top menu and users don't know what it's for. Suggest removing that strange button across the top and doing this:

Put a drop-down arrow on the blue "New" button inside the mail section (just like the Delete & Reply buttons have).
  • When you click New it goes into compose (like it does now).
  • When you click the arrow next to New, you can choose Calendar, Contact, etc.
This cleans things up, eliminates confusion, and makes SM17 simpler to use. Thanks!

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I second this request.  It's how Exchange OWA handles the "New" button and it's quite useful.

Robert Emmett Replied
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Kevin, SmarterMail 16 and 17 already have this functionality available in menu.

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Robert, please re-read my post (I updated it to be clearer).  I'm saying you should get rid of that '+' menu button with a circle around it.

Unfortunately, the UI in v16 and v17 is not as good as v15. It's inconsistent with other mail platforms and lacks excitement. Just trying to help improve things...

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