IDS Block reflects IP address as email address
Problem reported by Ng Cher Choon - October 24 at 12:56 PM
Not A Problem
We have encountered a bug reflected as email address in IP address column in the IDS Block. Although it is a bug, we find this email address information as a good source for investigation in event of such attack

Please see below:

We like to have the email address and the IP address shown. Is it possible?


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Alex Carnot Replied
Employee Post
What IDS Rule triggered this block? There are certain rules that only act upon Email Addresses, such as the "Login Brute Force by Email" and "Internal Spammer". This way individual users on the server can be blocked, which in some cases is more effective or more desirable than blocking an IP.

If you want I can put in a feature request for "Rename IDS Blocks IP Address column to something more appropriate" and "Allow IDS Blocks triggered on an email address to show the IP used when the block occurred".
Alex Carnot
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SmarterTools Inc.
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Ng Cher Choon Replied
Dear Alex,

I think it is not a big deal. But just that it is quite misleading.


Ng Cher Choon

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