Known Issues in Phase One
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - March 21 at 6:02 PM
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We’re very pleased to announce the BETA of SmarterMail 17.x! In an effort to highlight features and to give participants time to test and provide feedback on what they see, we’ll be releasing features in multiple phases. In the BETA blog post, SmarterMail 17.x BETA - Phase One, we’ve listed relevant features that are part of Phase One of the BETA. Please note that there are a few items included in Phase One that are still in progress:
  • In Team Workspaces and instant messaging video/audio chats, iOS has a less than ideal experience at this time. This is due to security elements within mobile Safari. In addition, Chrome and Firefox on mobile do not support WebRTC at this time, so these browsers cannot be used for video/audio.
  • There is a possibility that users may lose visibility of collaboration items that have been shared to them. The sharing permissions would still be available, so users would simply need to re-map the calendar, contact list, etc. back to their account. (We have noticed this only in rare occasions.)
  • We have noticed an issue where users who use password management services, such as LastPass, may see some fields that are auto-filled with previously used information. For example, a user with LastPass may see the previous verification code for 2-Step Authentication auto-filled on the login page.

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