Spool Priority problems
Problem reported by kevind - 12/2/2015 at 2:39 PM
The spool priority doesn't seem to work as advertised. With these settings in the domain's Priority tab, I never see a message with a 4 priority regardless of the number of attempts.
The priority goes from 5 to 3 after the 2nd attempt. Let me know if I'm missing something.
FWIW, not sure why this is a domain setting since all the domains mix together in the spool. Maybe it should be a global setting (remove it from each domain) which would simplify things.

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kevind Replied
Just checking to see if ST can duplicate or if I'm doing something wrong.
kevind Replied
Here's another issue with the Spool Priority -- it seems to be ignored for local deliveries.
  1. Set the Sender Priority Override for a mailbox to 3.
  2. Using that mailbox, send a newsletter to a few thousand users on your server which go into spool with a priority=3.
  3. Send yourself a message from @gmail which gets added to spool with a priority=5.
  4. It takes 10 minutes to deliver the newsletter, then you receive the @gmail message.
Expected behavior: the @gmail message with a priority of 5 would get delivered sooner.

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