Configure Plus Addressing in SmarterMail

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Plus addressing is a feature of SmarterMail that allows you to automatically filter your incoming mail into folders without first creating a content filtering rule. To demonstrate this ability, please consider the following example of plus addressing

Assume your email address is and you want to sign up for a newsletter called ACME News. Furthermore, you want that newsletter to be delivered to a specific folder in your email web interface called "ACME". If plus addressing is enabled on your account, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter with the email address below:


NOTE: The folder name is AFTER the username but before the When the newsletter gets delivered to your email account, it will be directed to the ACME folder, which will be created automatically if it does not already exist. No additional steps are required. In addition, if you include the '/' character in your plus address, you can automatically create sub-folders, as in the following example:

  • myname+Newsletters/

This email address will create a folder called Newsletters, then create an ACME folder under it, and drop the newsletter into the ACME folder.

Follow these steps to enable plus addressing in SmarterMail:

  1. Log in to the web interface as the account you'd like to set up with plus addressing.
  2. Click Settings from the menu on the left. 
  3. Click Account Settings.
  4. Within the User tile, click the Plus Addressing toggle menu, and choose one of these three options:
    • Move to Folder
    • Move to Folder (If Exists)
    • Leave in Inbox
  5. Click Save.

Using Plus Addressing to Enhance POP
Usually, POP only retrieves messages from the Inbox folder. Plus addressing allows you to retrieve messages from other folders. For example, when you use "" as your login name in a POP client, it will return the contents of the ACME folder.


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